2016 Goals


  • Read 25 books, roughly alternating fiction and non-fiction. Chronicle those books on GoodReads.
  • Learn how to use my fancy DSLR camera. Use it to take pictures.
  • Learn fancy customer acquisition strategies and tactics. Implement them.
  • Learn basic Danish through Duolingo. (Finally, a place to learn Danish!)

Self Reflection

  • Journal daily, if only for five minutes. Reflect on what’s going well, what can be improved, and what’s sticking.


  • Move into the new house! Love the spaces we create.
  • Travel somewhere great in the US. Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, the Grand Tetons, anywhere.
  • Take at least two cooking classes.
  • Make at least one new recipe each week in 2016.
  • Learn to do something moderately interesting with my hair.


  • Littervention. Build email list to 5k by yearend. Build Instagram to 10k by June. Post at least one blog/week. Aim to post three blogs/week. Post at least three photos/week on Instagram.
  • Company #1. Write business plan. Get funding/loan. Set up website. Sell stuff.


  • Overhaul the AVA public website. Get funding. Completely revamp it. Revel in the glory.
  • Find a San Francisco organization worth joining and join it. Help make it better.


  • Climb 5.11c’s and V5s by yearend.
  • Climb outside at least once!
  • Remaster the seated straddle press to handstand.
  • Learn crow to handstand.
  • Even out and strengthen my left side.
  • Try the 15-day reset and 30-day cleanse.
  • Continue to eat fresh, organic, healthy foods.
  • Return to pre-baby fitness levels by yearend.

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