2017 Goals: January Progress Report


    • Read 20 books, roughly alternating between fiction and non-fiction. Chronicle those books on GoodReads. Welp… I haven’t read a single book in 2017 so far. Better get on this one!
    • Use the Habit List app to track daily habits. I’m doing it! I haven’t been great about all my habits, but I’ve been taking my vitamins every day, so at least there’s that!
    • Learn how to use my fancy DSLR camera. Use it to take pictures of family and other things that inspire me. So far, no. I only know how to use the most basic settings, and even then, it’s mostly trial and error. Definitely something to focus on now that we’ve moved.
    • Learn basic Photoshop. Or at the very least, Lightroom! Nope.
    • Continue to devour and sift through parenting advice. Absolutely. All the time.
    • Bring art back into my life, either by creating art myself or supporting artists I love. At least once a week, visit a museum, go to a concert or performance, take a dance class, make or create something. Yes! So far this month, I discovered and thoroughly enjoyed watching Sigur Ros’s Valtari, I’ve curated a list of ten goosebump worthy performances for Equestrian Vaulting magazine (see the article here or the Many Things Megan post on which it’s based here), and watched the San Francisco Ballet live, including one of my favorite performances, In the Countenance of Kings. 

Self Reflection

  • Create weekly “sprint” goals and check in with those goals every Sunday. I haven’t been so good about the weekly stuff. I think I need to move the weekly reflection to Monday mornings. Sunday evenings tend to be pure chaos.
  • Reflect on the last day of every month on my progress toward these 2017 goals. Rewrite or add goals as necessary. Plan the work. Work the plan. Doing it now!


  • Learn more about the basic principles of interior design and use them to create spaces we love in our new home. It’s a work in progress. Our home is coming together (we finally moved!) but we have a lot of styling ahead of us.
  • Travel somewhere ambitious. Europe, perhaps. Not yet, but I’m still confident this will happen. It’s only January 31st, after all.
  • Take at least two cooking classes. Not yet. Better get one of these in the books!
  • Cook at least one new recipe every week. Hmm, definitely not. We just moved into our new house, and we just got our kitchen set up last week, so it would’ve been pretty tough to pull off new recipes until now. But now I have no excuses.
  • Learn to do something moderately interesting with my hair. Hahahaha. Nope. Still rocking the sad mom bun.
  • Rid my closet of old styles that no longer suit me and replace them with both timeless and of-the-moment pieces I love. I haven’t summoned the courage to rid my closet of the clothes that no longer fit me. Not that I’m complaining about my small waist and Dolly Parton boobs, but my sizing is all off after baby and I feel like it’ll probably just keep fluctuating for the next few years. Do I get clothes that are smaller so they fit me now or do I just wait it out with my current wardrobe for a while? TBD.
  • Throw weekly dinner parties. Again, the move threw us off a bit, but we have had some one-off company over for social hour/dinner. I wouldn’t quite call these dinner parties, but it was at least moving in the right direction.


  • This is the year! Create and manufacture an MVP by March. Set up website. Sell product. Gain a following. Sell more product. I just started the process. There’s still time before March, but not much. Better put the pedal to the metal!

Many Thing Megan

  • Write at least one blog per week for Many Things Megan. Alternating between parenting-focused and something else-focused. Crushing it, sort of. I’ve written seven blogs, counting this one, in January, but almost all of them have been parenting-focused. (Or goal setting-focused, but these feel more like in between blogs for my own accountability than blogs meant for any particular reader to enjoy.) I’m still going to mark this one as green though.
  • Share articles on other websites, like Scary Mommy, Pregnant Chicken, and other sites with a sense of humor. Get at least three articles published externally in 2017. Not yet, but there’s still time.

Health & Fitness

  • Prioritize self-care. Spend at least 30 minutes on myself each day, doing yoga, getting acupuncture or a massage, going for a run, climbing, whatever… as long as it’s for me. I have been doing this, but not consistently and definitely not every day. On average, I might spend 30 minutes on self-care three or maybe four days a week. I need to be more consistent about taking time for myself. Does blogging count?
  • Continue to eat fresh, organic, healthy foods. Work hard to find farms and butchers that produce meat ethically. Buy from them as exclusively as possible. (Side note: Get a chest freezer!) Yes on the healthy. Work in progress on the butcher. That’s a project for February, now that we’ve moved!
  • Climb at least one 5.12a by yearend! Climb 5.11c’s and V5’s consistently. Holy crap, I climbed a 5.12a with just one fall this week. I might have to up the ante! I’m making this one green because I’m so stoked about it.
  • Climb outside at least once. Not yet.
  • Remaster the seated straddle press to handstand. Not yet, but I’m working on it!
  • Learn crow to handstand. Not even close…
  • Even out and strengthen my left side. I’ve been working on this a couple days a week, but it needs to be part of my daily routine. My left side is so effed.

Community & Giving Back

  • Find a San Francisco organization worth joining and join it. Help make it better. Not yet!

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