2018 Goals

Basically I want to continue on the path I’m already on, but get better. These are the things I want to accomplish in 2018.


  • Read 12 books, roughly alternating between fiction and non-fiction. Chronicle those books on GoodReads.
  • Read magazines the month they come in, or cancel the subscription altogether.
  • Use the Habit List app to track daily habits.
  • Learn basic Photoshop. Or at the very least, Lightroom!
  • Take at least two cooking classes. Learn the basics of cooking so I don’t have to make everything from a recipe.
  • Find a skincare routine that works for me.
  • Take a private makeup class and learn how to do some new looks.

Home & Lifestyle

  • Become a “plant lady” and bring lots of greenery into our home. Buy fresh flowers weekly.
  • Acquire a few key furniture pieces for our home and hang some things on walls.
  • Create a place for friends to gather. Throw weekly dinner parties and at least one bigger party per quarter.
  • Cook at least one new recipe every week.

Creating & Curating

  • Lose myself in art once per week, in a dance class, watching a performance, seeing a film, experiencing great food, going to a museum. Whatever.
  • Capture and share at least three photos a week, featuring a variety of subjects.
  • Write at least one blog per week for Many Things Megan. Alternating between parenting-focused and something else-focused.
  • Share articles on other websites, like Scary Mommy, Pregnant Chicken, and other sites with a sense of humor. Get at least three articles published externally in 2017.


  • Get Also Mom live and continue to add new content regularly. Generate a profit in 2018.
  • Grow Reclaimed into a real business selling real products.

Health & Fitness & Wellness

  • Prioritize self-care. Spend at least 30 minutes on myself each day, doing yoga, getting acupuncture or a massage, going for a run, climbing, whatever… as long as it’s for me and as long as it’s a dedicated window of time.
  • Practice yoga at least three days per week, in whatever form feels right for my body and mind in that moment.
  • Climb at least once per week, continuing to choose challenging routes.
  • “Meditate” daily, even if that just means breathing while listening to a piece of music I like.
  • Try pilates and incorporate what I learn to help even out and strengthen my left side.
  • Complete at least one 30-day streak of eating no added sugar.

Keep Up the Good Work

  • Continue to devour and sift through parenting advice.
  • Continue to eat fresh, organic, healthy foods. Work hard to find farms and butchers that produce meat ethically. Buy from them as exclusively as possible.
  • Continue to use the EWG list to choose which cleaning and beauty products are allowed in our home.
  • Continue to choose ways to create minimal waste.

Photo: Samantha Brancato

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