Ali at 1 Month


Ali 1 Month

A month into the gig, parenting Ali is basically day after day of going with the flow, learning what she likes and doesn’t like, what works and doesn’t work, and adjusting accordingly. While parenting could hardly be described as easy, it’s also not as difficult as I imagined it’d be– or at least the rewards far outweigh the challenges. Our mantra: chill parents, chill baby.

Here’s a glimpse of Ali at one month. Her fiery personality is already starting to shine through, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Things She Likes

She likes walks in the stroller around town, the car as long as it’s moving, being thrown over our shoulders, having her diaper changed, looking at herself in the mirror, being read to, and being rocked. She also likes napping on a warm, cuddly human, with little preference for who that human is.

Things She Hates

She doesn’t really hate much, except being gassy, which I’m pretty sure everyone everywhere hates. Sometimes she hates the bassinet and being swaddled, but usually by the time we put her down she’s too tired to notice she’s been confined to a baby straightjacket.

Ways She’s Most Like Me

Sorry, kid, but you inherited the half eyebrow that grows the wrong direction at the end from yo mama (as yo mama did from her mama, ad infinitum). We’ll bond over brow pencils, powders, and gels when you get older. It’s a family tradition.

Ways She’s Most Like Michael

She has his eyes, his ears, his toes, and his daddy long legs. I will also credit him with her stubbornness when it inevitably emerges.

Cutest Things She Does

Her sneezes, squeaks, coos, and basically any noise that comes out of her mouth that isn’t a red-faced, bleating goat “I’m so tired but I refuse to sleep” cry are so, so cute. She’s also starting to “smeyes” (smile with her baby blue eyes). She hasn’t mastered the full smile just yet, but I think we’ll keep her anyway.

Alligator Footies
Things I’ll Miss About This Age

  • Her alligator footie PJs, which she has already outgrown. 🙁
  • The way she squishes up her nose and her forehead (like she’s trying to open her eyes but is just too tired), followed by a head bang/face plant into the boob after she’s finished eating.
  • The fact that she sleeps so much– because mama has shit to do!

Sweetest, Most Heart-Melting Moments

Basically anytime she’s in Michael’s arms, my heart melts.

Biggest Surprise About Motherhood So Far

I assumed I’d be exasperated every time Ali cried, especially when those cries seemed inconsolable. But making a crying baby content again, even after she’s totally lost her shit, is pretty simple. Feed her, rock her, or in the worst of scenarios, combine the two, and she’ll be back to baseline in 15 minutes or less. It’s really not as stressful as I thought it’d be.

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