Ali at 13 Months

I don’t know if I’ll continue doing these indefinitely, but the last 30 days have been eventful, and I like writing about our little nugget as she grows. Plus, now I don’t have to do those stupid photos with the beads, so I get to enjoy putting together these posts a lot more. This is Ali at 13 months.

First Steps

As of this past Friday, Ali started standing on her own long enough for me to capture a little video. The next day, she took two cautious, wobbly steps. She seemed to think she was still “cruising”, pretending she was holding onto something even though there was nothing around her. She grabbed my hand after two steps and continued along with her business, not at all comprehending what she had just done (or the fact that I was kind of teary because mom hormones).

The next day, she did it again, walking five or so steps away from us to go grab a toy. (Not documented.) They were linked, toddling, and ultimately ended in a pretty spectacular face plant. Michael and I looked at each other and didn’t have to say anything. “Our baby can walk? Holy shit, our baby can walk.”


Talking about your kid’s nap schedule is as bad as talking about your workout schedule– or worse– your dreams. It’s a total yawn. But, for documentation’s sake, Ali has officially transitioned down to one nap a day, during which she is typically dead to the world for a full two hours. Most of the time she goes down very peacefully. Sometimes she tries to #napstrike, we don’t allow it, and this is the result. Note: She’s 100% passed the eff out in this photo, and slept like this for almost ninety minutes.


The kid does a lot of jibber-jabbering. She also does a lot of pointing and confident exclaiming of Ali words like “yerrgawlr” or “oahsha,” as though that is the proper name for whatever it is she is seeing. Her language sounds like a cross between some Scandinavian tongue and your standard baby talk, but all-in-all pretty far off from English and pretty cute. Hear for yourself. (Also, this is the first video I got of her standing, so it is kind of long. Sorry not sorry.)

Putting Things in Things

Our master destroyer has magically learned how to put things back together again. She can stack her little wooden rabbit stacker toy and sort shapes in her shape sorter. She can also do all sorts of other useful putting things in other things, like putting unfolded laundry in the laundry bin full of folded laundry, hiding blocks in my foam roller, and systematically redistributing the dirt from our plant into an empty bottle. Super helpful, Ali.

Rapid Fire Ali Updates

Loves: Bath time, blueberries, cherries, hiding underneath towels or behind curtains and playing “where’s Ali?”

Hates: “Floating” on her back in the pool.

Favorite Toy: Her wagon. Also, DVD cases, an old bike lock key, and toilet paper if she can get her hands on it.

Words: Hi, uh oh, woah.

Tooth Count: 10 including two molars, plus two canines poking through as of a few days ago

How She Gets from A to B: Crawling, climbing, and recently, a few wobbly steps.

New Skills: Deep, unassisted squats and standing, climbing both up and down the stairs, getting off furniture feet first almost unassisted (she gets a touch too confident sometimes), shape sorting, stacking things, putting things away, taking things out.

My Favorite Thing About This Age: Her confidence around other people we trust. She doesn’t have to be with her mom or dad to feel happy and safe, and I love the freedom (for her and for us!) that comes from that confidence.

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