Ali at 14 Months

I’ve watched Ali teeter on the verge of becoming a toddler for a few weeks now. She’s exerting her independence more and more fiercely, is an ardent explorer, and continues to discover and voice her preferences. With her first true and balanced steps this past week, I feel like the transition is complete. I no longer have a baby. I have a toddler. A small child. A kid.

As Ali loses her baby-ness and becomes more and more of a child with each passing day, I realize just how much I still have to learn on this whole parenting journey. I had “baby Ali” more or less figured out. Toddler Ali is a new enigma and a new challenge.

This past month has been one of such growth, but also one of tremendous loss. On July 19th, our beloved nanny, Vilma, passed away suddenly. We miss her terribly, and I wrote a little something in her honorĀ here. I know she’d get a kick out of everything Ali’s been up to lately. This is Ali at 14 months.

A List of 14-Month-Old Ali-isms

  • Cheers-ing with her cup
  • Waving hi and bye, especially to buses
  • A deep love for blueberries, steak, and avocado
  • Saying hi with a huge toothy grin when she’s feeling especially confident
  • Looking me in the eye, smiling, and saying hi before cuddling up for a morning snack
  • Walking (!!)
  • Sitting on her tiny-human-sized chair
  • Climbing up the stairs
  • Walking down the stairs while holding our hands
  • Playing on/hanging off of the gate at the bottom of the stairs (not my favorite Ali-ism, but an Ali-ism nonetheless)
  • Pursing her lips and blowing spit bubbles with a furrowed brow to signal she does not, in fact, want that bite of salmon (other than California rolls, she’s on a no seafood kick)
  • Riding on her red wagon while her dad pushes her impossibly fast
  • Scaling her way onto the couch, using her head as leverage
  • Sticking her tongue out on command
  • Pretending anything and everything is a phone and saying “hi”
  • Eating with a fork
  • Opening all the drawers and taking out all the things

Ali, stick out your tongue!


“Oh, it’s for you.”


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