Ali at 16 Months

Ali likes to be in on the action, especially while I’m trying to cook. “Up,” she said the other day with a whimper. My hands full, I told her simply, “I don’t have enough hands to hold you and make breakfast. Go grab the ring sling and you can sit on my hip. It’s the grayish blue piece of fabric on the end of the couch by the front windows.” I pointed vaguely in the direction of the living room. And what do you know… she went straight to the couch, climbed up on top of it so she could reach the sling, grabbed it, walked back, handed it to me, and earned her place on my hip in the sling while I finished making our meal.

We now have a kid who understands true and honest English. It just keeps getting better and I want to remember all these little moments.

A list of 16-month-old Ali-isms:

  • Knowing and being able to point to an impressive number of body parts: hair, head, shoulders, nose, mouth, eyes, ears, tongue, belly, toes, fingers, and knees. For some she just points, but my favorites are ears, where she pulls on her ears and says “eaaahs”, tongue, where she sticks out her tongue like she’s doing the haka, belly, where she pulls up her shirt and bares her full belly, fingers, where she wiggles her fingers like jazz hands, and toes, where she reaches down and grabs her toes with a smile.
  • New words: oh-pah! (open), up, eaaahhs (ears), haaih (hair), pease (please), taah (thank you), buhhhh buh (buckle), yesh (yes), buh (bus, but also sometimes belly, buttons she wants to press, or something that doesn’t start with a “b” at all). Michael also swears she said “I will when I’m through with it” when he asked her to close the toilet she had just unlocked. I wouldn’t put it past her.
  • Climbing onto and into so many things, from her stroller to the couch to her carseat  to the chair in her room. Amazingly, she hasn’t yet decided to escape her crib and still wants a hand when it’s time to go down the stairs. For that, we are grateful.
  • Walking on her tiptoes and spreading out her baby toe for balance.
  • Running around naked after her bath, and actually being very defensive about her naked time, barely letting us towel her off when she gets out of the water for fear that we will clothe her immediately after.
  • Sitting on my hip in the sling while I work in the kitchen.
  • Opening and closing the toilet locks (damnit).
  • The sound of the maraca in this really obnoxious noisy baby book someone bought her.
  • Bobbing her head to the beat when I wet wipes with the spray bottle as though it’s the maraca from the baby book (chhh chhh chhh chhhh).
  • Standing on the lower oven handle, pushing buttons on the upper oven, which is definitely how Wolf intended its appliances to be used.
  • Pushing the front gate buzzer and smiling with delight when it buzzes.
  • Turning the lights on, and off, and on, and off…
  • Buckling her chest clip by herself in her carseat.
  • Pulling things out, making piles (or not), cleaning up, making messes anew, repeating day-after-day ad infinitum.
  • Taking her shoes and socks off whenever she decides she doesn’t need then anymore (which is most of the time).

F*ck shoes.

Much better.

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