Ali at 2 Months

Ali 2 Months

It’s amazing how much a baby can grow and change in a month. And how much life with a baby can change too. This is Ali at two months.

Things She Likes

Her changing pad. We couldn’t figure out what Ali liked so much about having her diaper changed. She would be screaming one minute, then we’d put her on the changing table, and before we even started to change her, she’d be happy. So we started putting the changing pad on the floor so she could hang out on it while we got things done around the house. She now lays happily on her changing pad while we’re cooking, eating, working on the computer, doing chores around the house, and even while I’m doing yoga. It’s our best parenting hack to date.

Things She Hates

The bath. She screams from the moment she goes in until the moment she’s completely dry and back in her clothes. We figured it must be because she’s cold, so we make sure the room is nice and toasty, the water is warm (but not too hot), and she doesn’t have too much skin exposed that’s not in warm water. And yet, even with all that, she still hates the bath. So she gets a bath once a week (ahem, week and a half) like a peasant.

Baby WODs. (I guess some people call this “tummy time”?)  She’ll tolerate being on her stomach for a few minutes, but after that, she gets pretty pissed. I don’t blame her. Core workouts are the worst.

Where She Naps

Getting Ali to nap has been a bit of an enigma since day one. She used to nap exclusively on me (or any other warm body), refusing to nap anywhere else. While it was lovely to snuggle with her for hours every day, I mostly felt trapped. Now, thankfully, her favorite place to nap is in the Solly wrap. (A “wrap nap”.) She will sleep tied to my body for one, two, sometimes three hours at a time. I have both hands free and can get things done. She’s asleep and cozy. It’s a win/win.

Cutest Things She Does

The smiles. Ohmigawd, the smiles. And the coos. Ohmigawd, the coos!

Mama Bear Moment

I grew up in a woodsy part of California where spiders were frequent visitors in our household. We had an unspoken agreement: As long as you’re not a black widow, I won’t smash you. I probably won’t even bother moving you outside. But a couple weeks ago, a spider bit Ali on the forehead while she was sleeping. I found the spider hiding at the bottom of her bassinet and murdered that little shit without a single ounce of mercy. Stupid spider. You mess with my baby; I mess with you. Also, all spiders found in my house henceforth will suffer the same fate.

Ali’s Big Adventures This Month

We try to do new things with Ali every week. This month we have gone on multiple mother/daughter dates to the climbing gym, gone to mama/baby yoga, stood in line and applied for her very first US passport, and attended a wedding, where she slept through the entire ceremony like a champ.

Perfect Example of How Life Has Changed

Last weekend, my mom watched Ali while Michael and I went to the tile store to select finishes for the home we’re remodeling. It legitimately felt like a date.

Biggest Surprise About Motherhood So Far

The most surprising thing about motherhood for me is how much I absolutely love it. Parents always say you won’t get it until you have your own kids. I get it now. My heart literally feels bigger.

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