Ali at 5 Months


ali-5-monthsFive months is almost half a year, which is basically a lifetime. This is Ali at five months.

The One Word Everyone Uses to Describe Ali


It’s a question we get a lot: “Is she always this mellow?” Whether she’s chilling at the climbing gym (#belaybysitting), hanging on our laps at restaurants, happily chomping on her toys or, her favorite, snuggled tight in the Solly wrap, Ali is generally a content, peaceful kid. Don’t get us wrong… she’s still human. If she’s hungry or tired, she is still very much capable of losing her shit, but if we feed her or give her a good place to nap, she will instantly reset.

We try to live by the motto “chill parents, chill baby” and so far, it seems to be working out for us. But, you know, our sample size of one isn’t exactly statistically significant and I’ve never met a toddler that wasn’t a total handful, so consider the chickens uncounted.

Ali’s Favorite Toy

Handsome dad. Cute baby. Questionable jewelry choice.

Handsome dad. Cute baby. Questionable jewelry.

She’s really into this super basic silicone teething ring, which her tiny slippery slobber hands tend to drop every other second.

That is, until I #momhacked the shit out of that teething ring by macgyvering a piece of cooking twine into a long loop, which I then looped around the toy and wore around my neck like the world’s ugliest necklace that it was. No more slobbery toys on restaurant floors. Win!

I was pretty pleased with this mom hack of mine until a much more experienced mom informed me with a sly wink that I could just as easily use a pacifier clip, which would entirely eliminate the need to wear a necklace made of chicken twine. Why didn’t I think of that?

Yup, She Hates Salt Water Too

Remember how Ali hates baths? Well, add the ocean to the list of watery treasures Ali loathes, too.

Cashing in a boatload of airline and hotel points, we took our first family trip to Hawaii this month. A friend of ours who had been in Hawaii a week prior with a baby about the same age as Ali told us that bobbing in the ocean with her kid was the single greatest joy of her life to date. With such high praise, we knew we had to give it a try.

The water was warm, the waves were gentle, the weather was perfect. We dipped Ali’s toes, and she immediately shot us a worried look that said nothing short of “you wouldn’t… would you?” But we would and we did and as you can guess by the title of this section, it didn’t go well.

Ali’s Latest Discovery

Her hands. She’s especially fascinated with her ability to cross her ring finger over her middle finger, which is actually kind of hard to do. Seriously, try it. Sometimes, between crosses, she even nails a perfect Vulcan salute.

Ali’s Other Latest Discovery

Ali found her voice this month, and she’s been practicing her A’s (aka squeaks and squawks) nonstop ever since. She especially likes to practice in otherwise peaceful oceanside patio dining spaces full of honeymooners in Hawaii.

Listen if you dare. (Your eardrums may not thank you.)

A Dad’s Intuition

People always talk about a mom’s intuition, which is definitely a thing, but so too is a dad’s.

While my mom intuition tends to be on the cautious side, Michael’s dad intuition is exactly the opposite. He’s bold and adventurous in his parenting, always down to try something new with Ali when he feels she’s ready for it.

Like that time he asked me, “Hey, Megs… is Ali ready to be hung upside down by her feet yet?” To which I replied no, only to look over and see her happily dangling by her feet like a little bat in a cave.

Or like the countless times he’s encouraged us to try new things when I wasn’t sure Ali was ready for them. Like experimenting with her bedtime routine or how to give her a bath without a meltdown. Or like bringing her with us to the hike-in snorkel spot in Hawaii, which ended up being one of the highlights of our vacation.

Many of the new things we’ve tried with Ali on Michael’s suggestion have ultimately become the habits that seem to work best for her and have undoubtedly contributed to making her the chill baby she is. He’s the yang to my yin, and Ali and I are both so lucky to have him in our lives.

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