Ali at 7 Months

Ali has turned into quite the little human in the last few weeks. I know she’s technically always been a little human, but now she’s a little human with her own personality and preferences… and that seems to make all the difference. This is Ali at seven months.

New Skillz

Sitting, socializing, gabbing (primarily in the form of “bababa’s”), singing (especially in vacant, echoing rooms), mic-dropping food to signal she’s finished eating, teeth growing (two in the last two weeks so far), hair growing (she has some epic old man hair/sideburns coming in), regular growing, waving, drumming a.k.a. banging things (thanks, mom, for teaching her this one), and turning anything into a toy.

Our Little Carnivore

With a whopping five weeks of eating solid food under her belt, Ali has developed quite the palate. Her two favorite foods are steak and bacon, because the kid knows what’s up. She also loves cucumbers, rice cakes with peanut butter, actually anything with peanut butter, green beans, carrots, and “cashewgurt”.

Getting Better at (Almost) All the Things

The bottle and the bath are no longer her nemeses. Tummy time, on the other hand, is still on Ali’s shit list. She basically does superwoman/shalabasana the entire time she’s on her stomach, starts complaining within a minute or two, and is in full protest mode within five. Maybe she’ll get over this too, but I’m starting to suspect we have one of those babes who might walk before she crawls.

Learning What Cold Is

As a kid, whenever I’d complain about how cold it was outside, my dad, a Montreal-native, used to love to tell me: “you don’t know what cold is.” Ali learned early what cold is. We traveled to Calgary during the “deep freeze” this December, where it was a balmy -5 degrees Fahrenheit. Thankfully, it warmed up to a positively tropical 20 degrees the next day, but even if only for 24 hours, our California girl has officially experienced winter.

Ali’s Favorite Non-Toy Toys

Zippers, balls of socks, measuring cups, tags, light switches, spatulas, crumply paper, and anything (ahem, dad’s Apple watch) that lights up and rings. These are a few of Ali’s favorite things. Also, this is why we’re thankful she didn’t get any extraneous loot for Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus. Yay minimalism!

Benjamin Schtick

We spent a week with my uncle and aunt in Canada over Christmas, where Ali was indoctrinated into all the Benjamin schtick. Uncle Ron taught Ali how to count shekels (money) and how to eat schweiner (bacon) like a good kosher Jew. She heard all the Benjamin quotes on repeat, and she’ll probably be confused one day, like I was, when she realizes that not everyone knows that “Brenda Flance has no pants.” She also had her first meal at Shhhicken Shhhalet (Swiss Chalet), ate Uncle Ron’s famous turkey, and if she could, she would’ve commanded with the proper Belgian accent, “Harriet, bring fruit.” Like it or not, kid, you’re officially one of us.

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