Ali at 9 Months

It’s like all of a sudden, she became a person. And I like that person a lot. This is Ali at 9 months.

 Slobbery Love

Ali recently learned how to give open mouth kisses, and she’ll dole out slobbery affection to just about anyone who shows her love. She kisses us, the dog, her nanny, and any baby she meets who doesn’t get out of her way fast enough.

All the Food

Ali’s become impressively good at handling and eating food all of a sudden. Last week we went out to dinner and gave Ali an admittedly too huge slice of teriyaki steak. She tried to bite it with her front teeth, failed, shoved the whole piece into her mouth, mulled it around for five minutes happily humming to herself while she did so, spat it out in her hand, then used her front teeth to bite the newly softened meat into manageable pieces. How she learned to do this is beyond me.

On the Move

Ali’s not exactly crawling, but she’s definitely on the move. She recently learned how to flop forward onto her stomach and propel herself around the hardwood floor like a baby Roomba. She can only go backwards though, so ten times out of ten she ends up backed up against a wall and whimpers until she’s rescued.

Singing Mildly Inappropriate Lullabies

I discovered early that singing to Ali at bedtime helps her sink into her happy place, despite my awful voice. The thing is, I just can’t bring myself to sing nursery rhymes. Instead, we’ve landed on Simon & Garfunkel’s The Boxer as our go-to bedtime song. I usually shorten it up and sing just the first two verses, plus the “lie-la-lie” bit, but on particularly fussy occasions I sing about the whores on seventh avenue and cross my fingers that Ali doesn’t make the connection earlier than is appropriate.

Rapid Fire Ali Updates

Favorite Toy: The Jolly Jumper, no contest.

Favorite Non-Toy Toys: Cell phones, glasses, watches, paper, sweatshirt drawstrings, zippers, the puzzle-like edge pieces on her play mat.

Loves: Jumping on her jumper, eating, walks in the stroller, walks in the carrier.

Hates: Having her nose wiped, anything that comes between her and her breakfast/bedtime milk, having her aforementioned favorite non-toy toys (especially phones) taken away from her once she’s stealthily acquired them.

Favorite Eats: Steak, strawberries, bananas, oranges, bacon, anything she can feed herself with a spoon (avocado, dad’s spaghetti bolognese, blueberry cashewgurt, etc.). And milk of course.

Makes Her Laugh: Barking like a dog, kissing her belly, over-exaggerated kissing noises.

Tooth Count: Six. Two on the bottom, two on the top, and two new top ones coming in hot.

Sleeping: From 8pm til 6:30am like clockwork, unless she’s in the midst of some huge developmental milestone at which point all bets are off. Also, three naps of varying lengths at somewhat but also not super predictable times throughout the day.

How She Gets from A to B: Slithering backwards.

New Skills: Drinking out of her straw cup, rolling (finally), aforementioned backwards slithering, picking up impressively heavy objects.

My Favorite Thing About This Age: Giggles and belly laughs. Also, her emerging focus and determination.

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