Cora at 7 Months

I’m officially in disbelief that there was a time before Cora. (B.C. if you will.) I’ll keep this one short and sweet, just like this post’s seven-month-old subject.

She really likes food. In fact, she likes it so much that if you take it away before she’s finished—even just to reposition it in her chubby little hand so she can better smash it into her chubby little face—she will cry. And she’s really not a crier. She hums softly as she slobber-chews her favorites, which are mostly of the carnivore variety (she hasn’t met a meat she doesn’t like), but also most fruits and veggies too.

Teeth! Two in and two on the way. I know I can’t differentiate between correlation and causation here, but I’m pretty sure these teeth have something to do with all the steak she’s been devouring.

I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do about her hair. My mom took some scissors to her mullet/rat tail situation earlier this month while I tried to hold her still, but we were both too chicken to attempt to cut the hair closer to her face. Her payot (the official term for Hasidic sideburns… thanks, Google) are particularly egregious, especially after she wakes up from a sleep with them matted sideways across her otherwise adorable little face. I should really do something about that, but instead—paralyzed by the fear of giving her a tragic haircut—I do nothing, and the little one continues to live with her post-nap Frau Farbissina style. Alas.

She says dada but not mama because the world is cruel. I know “d”s are easier to pronounce than “m”s. I also know she probably isn’t saying a word and is probably only saying a sound. Regardless, I would appreciate if she could nail her “mama”s sooner rather than later.

She topples. I like to look at Ali’s monthly posts to see how the girls’ development aligns and diverges. At this age, Ali was sitting nicely if plopped down just so, but she hadn’t figured out how to roll or be comfortable on her stomach. Cora is the opposite. She topples when placed upright, but horizontal is her happy place. “They’re all so different,” says everyone ever.

In related news, sisterhood is sweet. Ali’s been in love with Cora since day one, and the feeling is starting to be mutual. The other day while I was cleaning up the kitchen, I heard Ali tickle Cora, which got Cora laughing, which got Ali laughing, which got Cora laughing harder, which got Ali laughing harder, which basically made my heart melt right onto the floor, which was really inconvenient because I had just finished cleaning the kitchen.

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