Cora at 8 Months

Most of this past month was spent fielding stuffy noses and goopy eyes and the great pukepocalypse that swept through our house but somehow left me unscathed. Our little Cora has remained chill and cheerful through it all.

This is Cora (with her newly fortified immune system) at 8 months.

She army crawls. And she’s fast. I set her down in the living room while I was washing up after dinner one night, and not a minute later, she rounded the corner into the kitchen and greeted me with a satisfied smile. (I suppose all this army crawling neatly explains the past month of illnesses.)

She’s noisy. While I’ve nixed all the battery operated toys from our house that decidedly do not bring me joy, Cora still makes plenty of noise with the oh-so-precious wooden ones I’ve kept around. She loves banging out tunes on the glockenspiel, rolling Ali’s toy vacuum back and forth (back and forth, back and forth, back and forth… you get the idea), banging things together, and when all else fails and toys are outside of her grasp, making fart noises.

She still (mostly) topples. She is technically able to sit balanced for a few seconds, sometimes longer, but she’s pretty disinterested and would rather use her army crawling skills to find toys she can bang together to make loud noises.

Her hair situation has been (sort of) remedied. I finally summoned the courage and clipped her sideburns off. I had worked it up to be a lot harder than it actually was, and she now looks much better without them (though, as you can see in these 8 month photos, her hair is still plenty wild). Side story/confession: I took a pair of scissors to an elderly horse’s mane as a ten-year-old (sorry, Sparky), and—surprise to no one—it turned out very, very bad. I’ve been rightfully scared to cut hair ever since.

She eats bougie food. I was recently most impressed when she downed a dozen pieces of raw salmon from my poke bowl, twirling her hands in excitement as I offered her piece after piece after piece.

She’s such a second born. Cora is happy to observe quietly or entertain herself when I’m occupied, but she’s also always downright delighted (and delightful) the moment I focus my attention fully on her. She gives the best smiles. She makes it so easy to love her. (Ugh, I LOVE HER!)

Cora army crawls with blocks

Cora gets right up in the camera's face

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