Cora at 9 Months

Mostly Cora motored around on her belly this month, cleaning floors (and dirtying onesies) wherever she went. All in the name of a super diverse microbiome and a healthy sense of independence I say! This is Cora at 9 months.

Cora does Cora. This kid is delightfully independent, and her new(ish)found army crawling abilities allow her to motor hither and thither without asking anything from anybody. She loves going off on little adventures, examining and testing the new-to-her thingamajigs found along the way. She happily occupies herself this way for long stretches, sometimes playing with her sister (or others), but often not. She’s our own little Cora the Explorer.

Food is life. Cora takes her food v. seriously, and a dearth of her preferred sustenance is the only thing we’ve encountered that will consistently piss her off. She goes especially crazy for smoothies, yogurt (cashewgurt), salmon,  really any meat, and sweet potatoes. She loves pretty much everything else too. For example, there were a couple of weeks where I thought she didn’t like watermelon, which was suspect because who doesn’t like watermelon, so I gave her some watermelon as a retest and turns out, she likes watermelon.

Milk serves its purpose. In stark contrast to her sister, Cora views milk primarily as fuel. She clearly still associates nursing with some level of comfort and definitely still enjoys the bonding time, but overall it’s just not that big of a deal for her. She still nurses first thing in the morning, before naps, and at bedtime, but she needs a dimly lit room, minimal distractions, and a sense of calm before she’ll tuck in. When she’s had enough, she pushes me away dismissively and moves onto the next thing—be it a bit of play or the next phase of her bedtime routine—with impatience. When she’s into it, she’s into it. When she’s over it, she’s over it. And if that’s not Cora in a nutshell, I don’t know what is.

She’s sleeping again. Knock on wood. After a long onslaught of illnesses, teething (she has her first two top ones now), and wonder week milestones all stacked one against another the past few months, we’ve finally had a bit of respite. Cora is officially back on the sleeping-through-the-night wagon. Hallelujah praise be. Knock on wood.

Diaper changes are impossible. Cora is not about being on her back and especially not about staying still, which makes changing diapers and clothes an exercise in patience. Sometimes I’ll get lucky and be able to distract her long enough to change her quickly and be done with it, but usually not. Getting her ready for bed—which really just amounts to a diaper change, a wardrobe change, and a sleep sack to top it off—often takes 15 minutes or more. It’s ridiculous and drives me batty, but I also cherish those 15 minutes of chaos. I love watching her roam about confidently, defying my attempts to constrain her. Her inner fire burns bright and hot.

She adores her sister. (And her sister adores her.) Watching those two play and roughhouse together makes me so grateful we scored two girls in a row. They make each other giggle. They only very, very rarely make each other cry. Sisters, man. What a blessing!

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